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Developing Leaders can happen in a variety of ways. We have provided the following articles, audio recordings and videos for leaders and managers to think, consider, argue, analyse, ignore or adopt the leadership ideas presented. 


Media Releases

May 2013: Greater Efficiency May Be Right Under Our Noses

Apr 2013: Enforcing Standards Too Hard for Most Leaders (Featured in Wealth Professionals magazine)

Feb 2013: Lack of leadership development opportunities reflected in lost talent...or worse!

Dec 2012: Has Poor Training Put Your Business Health at Risk?

Sept 2012: Childish Leadership - A Poor foundation for the Future

May 2012: Leadership with a 'little l'

Apr 2012: The Chameleon Leader - The Ultimate Change Manager


Published Articles

Guild of HR: June 2013 Cover Story. Are Your People On the Same Page as You in 2013? Originally published as Blog Post here

Australian Anthill - 17 June 2013. What Business Leaders Learn From Sport

Wealth Professional Magazine - 5 June 2013. Five Ways to Boost Planning Productivity.

Smart StartUp Magazine - 5 June 2013. How Start-Ups Can Stop Wasting Time and Have The Time to Drive Their Business Forward.



Our articles represent the type of leadership and facilitation philosophies that form the basis of our training programs.

Learning & Development

Is Your Business Health at Risk from Self-Diagnosis?

Losing Your Leadership Talent - 5 Leadership Development Lessons Business Can Learn From the Military

Do You Have the Weapons You Need for Success?

Leadership / Change Management

Chameleon Leader - the Ultimate Change Manager

What is Leadership?


Stop Taking My Time! 17 Tips to Avoid the Pointless Meetings

Team Development

15 Team Development Lessons Learnt with my Dog (Abridged Version)


The Insidious Effect of Negativity

Presentation Skills

What makes a rock star trainer?

Time Management

10 Tips for Avoiding Unplanned Interruptions



The Kameleons blog focusses on the discussion of leadership, leadership attributes, team development and facilitation.



L&D Forum

Run approximately once every three months, the L&D Forum provides an opportunity for L&D practitioners from both large and small businesses to get together to network, discuss relevant L&D issues and up to date practices. If you, or one of your L&D Managers is interested in the L&D Forum, send an email to the Enquiries page and we will be back in touch.

31 May 13 - L&D initiatives, big or small, that are efficient and effective

14 Sept 12 - How do you engage Managers / supervisors to take part or be active in training?

01 Jun 12 - How do you develop leadership skills within your organisation?


Podcasts & Audio Interviews

Once a month (and included in our newsletter Developing Leaders), we interview a leader / senior manager regarding their views on leadership and developing leadership skills. 



 Developing Leaders - Leadership Series

A series of short, tip-laden videos covering the leadership development and business skills workshop topics.

Developing Leaders - Leadership Series Introduction

Developing Leaders - Facilitation Series

A series of short, tip-laden videos covering the art and science of facilitating and training.

Developing Leaders - Facilitation Series Introduction


Recommended Reading

Developing your leadership skills is a life-long pursuit. In our pursuit, we have found a number of books that have been fantastic at distilling complex leadership, team or change issues into simple 'take home' ideas. The books listed here focus less on making you sound like a good leader, and more on helping you develop skills and leadership behaviours.

Book Review: The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team - A Leadership Fable. Patrick Lencioni

Book Review: The First 90 Days. Michael watkins

Book Review: The 100 Best Business Books of All Time. Jack Covert and Todd Satersten

Book Review: Effective Leadership. John Adair



A useful set of checklists, evaluations, questionnaires and templates that we use within Kameleons leadership, team and business skills workshops.


'Michael is an extremely personable trainer who tailored the training content to deliver desired outcomes whilst reflecting the varied experience of participants. He was always punctual and respectful of the particpants knowledge base, and extremely supportive in the assessment process. I cannot speak highly enough of the training he delivered - from content to delivery - and would happily recommend his training to anyone.'

Lauren Thomas

Cert. IV in TAA

“Michael is an exceptional facilitator who manages to engage trainees entirely and work through subject matter efficiently while seeing results. His personality is friendly and approachable, allowing trainees to feel comfortable and supported in the learning environment, which ultimately maximizes their learning.”

Cate Hambling

Cert. IV in TAA

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