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L&D Forum - 31 May 2013

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LandD Forum 31 May 13
A slighter smaller than expected (but none the less enthusiastic) group of L&D Managers gathered at Casa& Bottega at 2pm on Friday 31st May 13 to discuss 'What have you seen / used in your business to become more efficient & effective?'

After some quick updates and introductions to the new members of the Forum, the following ideas were discussed:

1. Prezi as a presentation tool. Many of you may already have seen Prezi, however it was discussed as a new variant to Microsoft Powerpoint and iWork Keynote. Prezi has the ability to 'zoom' on certain parts of a presentation, making normal text seem more interesting and providing a different focus for participants. If you haven't seen it, go to to have a look at how it could be used for your presentations!


2. Every had to organise a meeting and you just can't find a date / time that suits everyone? Marianne Matin suggested that this website was a great way to develop collaboration when it comes to proposing and setting meeting times. Using Timebridge you can send one email to set a time for a meeting, it links it with Outlook, Google or iCal, provides reminders to people and can be downloaded as an iPhone app. This might be the way in which we organise times for the next L&D Forum! Have a look at


3. 3M Adhesive Spray. Sue Stone suggested that 3M Adhesive Spray was a great training aid to have in the kit bag, as it could be easily used for creating interactive discussions, particularly for brainstorming activities. Spraying directly to butchers paper, the 3M Adhesive Spray lets you stick, move and restick items to it again and again - useful if you want to cluster ideas into groups or re-arrange depending on different thought patterns. A great addition ot the training bag (but not good for interstate travel - I have lost one can that way already!)


4. Voice reply to email messages. This idea received some mixed responses, but we will include it anyway. A suggestion for busy people on the run having to reply to multiple emails - why not send them a voice recording? Voice recorders are provided on most mobile devices, and most of us can talk much quicker than type. Why not record your response to the email and then send the recording on to the person that sent the email? This idea was provided by a senior sales Manager who found that clients responded positively to the novel approach, and it provided an additional opportunity for the client to hear his voice / motivation / enthusiasm. L&D Managers thought that record keeping might be more difficult, and may also be difficult to get through some firewalls. Not a prefect idea - but perhaps effective for some!


GrabIt5. GridIt. Have you been in a rush to prepare / present a multimedia presentation and forgot that vital cable that brings it all together? Sue Stone suggested that GridIt might be the answer. A small pad (about the size of a large mousepad) covered with criss-crossing bands, GridIt provides an easy to store solution to holding and organising all of the required cables, USBs and cords required for a presentation. Have a look a GridIt.


Banners6. Banner Headings. Michael showed a quick and easy way to provide interest in a whiteboard or flipchart by using a Banner. Quick to create, they can make a simple list seem much more interesting, resulting in participants looking again and again at the content you have written. With retention of knowledge a big issue in our line of work, the
more interest you can generate in your content the better. Sue suggested that there were also some great ideas listed on the Grove Consulting website ( We had a bit of a look and dound this great video created by Grove using moving pictures and audio - it draws you in! Have a look - Grove on YouTube.


Finally, the idea that was sent to all attendees prior to the meeting,

7. KeyRocket. This little application is a clever way to teach your staff the most efficient way of using their core programs such as Outlook, Word, and Excel. Once you have installed KeyRocket, it 'learns' the way in which you use those programs. if you are taking  the long way to do something, keyRocket will suggest a quicker way to do it. If you learn the new method, it rewards you by giving you points. Revert back to the old way, and it takes points away. A clever way to make becoming more efficient more than a training course. Have a look at the demo - KeyRocket


Do you have any further ideas for becoming more efficient and effective at work? If so, we would love to hear about them and share them with our L&D community!


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