The MetaMorph Workshop - Team and Leadership Development

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Is there a piece of the leadership or team development puzzle missing from your student group? Do you need some help in developing teamwork in a practical way?

The MetaMorph workshop is a senior Primary and secondary School leadership and team-building program focussed on achieving a balance between personal, team and task requirements as well as providing experiential learning activities that align with Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

img 2943 CCGS 1The activities designed for the MetaMorph workshop have been specifically designed and chosen to meet team goals through problem-solving, communication and light forms of competition between smaller groups, building throughout the workshop towards larger team synergy.  Kameleons activities are designed to elicit fun in learning, whilst maintaining the safety and emotional needs of all participants. 


Evaluations - What Students and Teachers are Saying About Us in 2013 

MetaMorph Evaluations 2013


Photo Gallery and Testimonials

Click on the School to see some of the activities in action and what students, teachers and Principals have said about the workshop.

Annunciation Primary School

Christchurch Grammar School

Mortlake College

Newport Gardens Primary School

Ormond Primary School

The Knox School

Wesley College - Glen Waverley Campus


All of our staff are experienced facilitators and possess a Working With Children Check (WWCC). Here is what has been said about a recent MetaMorph course:

"Michael came and worked with our two Year Six classes at the beginning of 2010. His team building workshop was a great way to begin a year where pupils are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and work together in leadership teams. The activities Michael had devised were engaging, interesting and relevant to the year level. The pupils were highly motivated throughout the workshop and were especially keen on the physical nature of the tasks. The combination between physical and mental activities meant it catered for all needs. It was fantastic to see the pupils working cooperatively and supporting each other to achieve a common goal. I would highly recommend Michael to work with Upper Primary and Lower Secondary pupils." Angela Hawkins, Year 6 Coordinator, CCGS


img_2937ipad2 43056 leadership group- Kameleons 014


The workshop is highly interactive; participants have the opportunity for skill immersion, practice and reflection, so that new skills can be adapted and integrated as soon as possible.


Activities include:

leading empowered team       Walk the Plank leading empowered team       Magic Boots
leading empowered team       Invisible Maze leading empowered team       Activity in Focus: The Marshmallow Challenge      
leading empowered team       Suspension Bridge       leading empowered team       The Wild Ride
leading empowered team       Optimal Mast leading empowered team       The Red and White Game
leading empowered team       Retrieval leading empowered team       Spiders Web 
leading empowered team       Ballista leading empowered team       Platform
leading empowered team       Crocodile Pit   leading empowered team       Gap Crossing
leading empowered team       Marble Run leading empowered team       Quality Time


 The workshop aligns with the following VELS expectations:


 Level  Dimension
 Interpersonal Development (Lvl 6)  Working in Teams - Physical
 Personal and Social Learning - Personal Learning (Lvl 6)  Managing Personal Learning
 Interdisciplinary - Communication (Lvl 6)

 Listening, viewing and responding

 Interdisciplinary - Design, Creativity and Technology (Lvl 6) 

 Investigating and Designing

 Interdisciplinary - Thinking Processes (Lvl 6)

 Reasoning, processing and enquiry 


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To book a MetaMorph workshop for your School, Year Group or Sporting Club, call our helpful and experienced staff on 0409 627 270 or click on the links below:




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