Annunciation Primary School

Kameleons completed the MetaMorph workshop with the Year 5/6 students from Annunciation Primary School on 27 February 2012. Due to the small number of students and inclement weather, activities were adapted to suit the indoor environment.

When asked 'What does good leadership and teamwork mean at Annunciation Primary School?', students came up with the following responses throughout the workshop (initial responses from students were built upon during debriefs after each activity).

MetaMorph - Annunciation School whiteboard

        Set the example         Guidance         Listening
        Speak / act appropriate               Treat as be treated                  Encourage 
        Think through         Communication         Share ideas            


Here are some of the things that the teachers and staff have had to say about the workshop.

MetaMorph - Annunciation School 1MetaMorph - Annunciation School 2MetaMorph - Annunciation School 3


'On the 27th February, a man named Michael from Kameleons came to work with the 5/6 children. We were split into 3 groups and he taught us some different activities that developed leadership skills. We did a plank game, building a tower, magic boots and the maze. Some of our favourite games were the magic boots, plank game and the maze. We think that these activities boosted our team work skills and got us thinking.'

'Our group thought that the invisible maze was the most enjoyable and challenging game to play. We especially learnt about communication with our team mates and how to show leadership. We learnt what qualities help to make a good leader. It was really fun and a great couple of hours!'

'There were many things our group enjoyed doing with Kameleons. We learnt how to be a good leaders and what things help to build communication. We learnt that to working together helps to build team spirit and good communication helps everyone to work well in teams. We really enjoyed the games we played and the things we learnt.'


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