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Kameleons leadership development programs can be tailored to suit your individual or business needs. Whether those needs are tailoring content to suit a particular group of individuals, focussing on a skill set that is currently missing or adapting course programming to meet your available time, we can develop a leadership program that suits your business needs.

Kameleons leadership program facilitators are not facilitators who talk about leadership. They are skilled leaders that have managed large teams, large budgets and have implemented strategies for team large and small - their ideas, tips and leadership advice has been forged through knowledge and experience.

Kameleons has leadership programs to help develop potential or future leaders, provide valuable leadership skills training for those new to the supervisor / manage / leader role and help those with existing leadership experience hone their skills to the next level.

Most Kameleons leadership courses can be mapped to an accredited Diploma of Management module, blending a quality, tailored leadership program with a valuable qualification.


team puzzle-100x80Team Development Workshops   

Whether you have just established a new team or whether you have an existing team in crisis, Kameleons can help your team function and communicate better.  Kameleons Team Development facilitators don''t just talk about teams - they have led teams large and small, happy and in crisis, and have learnt the skills needed to develop a team through experience.


istock_000004737163medium - coachingBusiness Skills Workshops 

The Kameleons Business Skills workshops are designed to focus attention on a particular skill set. Business Skills workshops can be highly tailored to meet the needs of your individual business or specialisation; adapting cultural references, case studies and examples to get the best skills development for your people.


Accredited Courses

istock_000005937538medium - hands upIn partnership with registered training organisation Australia-wide Business Training (awbt), Kameleons offers training in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA) and the Diploma of Management.




“Michael is an exceptional facilitator who manages to engage trainees entirely and work through subject matter efficiently while seeing results. His personality is friendly and approachable, allowing trainees to feel comfortable and supported in the learning environment, which ultimately maximizes their learning.”

Cate Hambling

Cert. IV in TAA

'Michael is an extremely personable trainer who tailored the training content to deliver desired outcomes whilst reflecting the varied experience of participants. He was always punctual and respectful of the particpants knowledge base, and extremely supportive in the assessment process. I cannot speak highly enough of the training he delivered - from content to delivery - and would happily recommend his training to anyone.'

Lauren Thomas

Cert. IV in TAA

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