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Dealing with Conflict

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alt "Conflict is inevitable in a team ... in fact, to achieve synergistic solutions, a variety of ideas and approaches are needed. These are the ingredients for conflict."
Susan Gerke, IBM, Leadership Development

In any situation where people are required to interact, there is an opportunity for both good and bad conflict. Good conflict generates fresh ideas, builds trust through robust discussion and generates buy-in. Bad conflict disrupts work, creates disharmony for individuals as well as business, and can lead to crisis unless carefully managed. The ‘Dealing with Conflict’ workshop prepares leaders and managers with tools to harness and develop positive conflict as well as recognise and manage negative conflict in a way that resolves problems constructively.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

Identify the various factors that impact on the communication process in conflict

  • Explain the part that perception plays in conflict 
  • Explain how being proactive can assist in dealing with conflict situations 
  • Learn to take responsibility for conflict situation 
  • Define what conflict means to you along with the positive and negative consequences of conflict 
  • List some of the clues that a conflict is developing 
  • Identify the various ways we respond to conflict 
  • Discuss 5 conflict management styles 
  • Work through using a collaborative problem solving strategy 
  • Discuss the DESC formula for handling situations assertively 
  • Apply the eight step process for handing angry customers 

Designed for: Leaders and managers

Duration: 1 day

Bonus: Book three or more participants on the workshop and we will include a one-hour follow up coaching session free, conducted in-house or via teleconference, to help participants integrate new learning into the workplace and ensure further retention of workshop

Booking: To book a Dealing with Conflict workshop for your team members, Managers or workplace, call our helpful and experienced staff on 0409 627 270, or click on the link below.





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