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altKameleons is a leadership and team building consultancy created specifically with the aim of ‘Developing Leaders’. The Kameleons team provides specialised learning modules through leadership and team design, training, facilitation, coaching and evaluation of leadership activities for superior leadership and cultural change results.


What makes Kameleons different?

Kameleons is successful in developing leaders because we focus on developing excellent leadership behaviour rather than excellent leadership knowledge.

Too many organisations are filled with managers and leaders that can ‘talk’ good leadership, but ‘walk’ poor practises, demotivating their people and limiting their ability to make substantial change. Many of these managers have attended leadership courses in the past, but poor content design and limited feedback have resulted in wasted time, cost and effort from the business and the participant.

Kameleons puts leadership into practise, allowing participant leaders to ‘feel’ what it is like to be a leader in normal, difficult and crisis situations, with development areas focussed on applying learning to the workplace. No one ‘attends’ a Kameleons training course; an environment of learning and feedback is developed between all participants and the facilitator to ensure maximum retention of skills and knowledge.

Kameleons develops leaders that can be a successful driving force in your business by changing behaviours; not by filling leader’s heads with endless theories that cannot be applied or used in the workplace.


Why the Kameleon (Chameleon)?

532px-Bradypodion pumilum Cape chameleon female IMG 1767 croppedIn real life, the chameleon changes its colour under the influence of light, mood and temperature, playing an important part in communication and dealing with conflict. Importantly, (and contrary to common belief) the chameleon cannot change its skin to any colour of the rainbow; it can only change its colour within a limited range to camouflage or express itself. 

At Kameleons, we use the chameleon's actions as the basis of our leadership model; developing leaders to adapt to the changing mood and environment that they must work in. As with the chameleon, we recognise that leaders cannot adapt to every leadership style, nor will they become expert at all leadership requirements. Effective leaders learn which environments work best for them, and adapt their style and demeanour to their advantage.

Leaders cannot be all things to all people, but Kameleons will help develop leaders to enhance their strengths and negate their leadership limitations to adapt to their team and business environments.

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