Team Development Workshops

team puzzle-100x80Building Effective Teams
Effective teams don't happen by accident. The development of an effective team requires understanding, care and constant effort. 'Building Effective Teams' is a one day team-building program focussing on understanding and strengthening the team's core values, enhancing teamwork and developing an understanding of individual / team strength.



team puzzle2Maximising Team Potential

A two-day team building program based on the best-selling book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ by Patrick Lencioni. The workshop focusses on overcoming teamwork inhibitors and working towards sustainable team cohesiveness.



The Leadership Challengeteam_puzzle

An experiential leadership and team development challenge! Has your team completed group leadership or team development training in the past, and are looking for something different? Want to know where the current strengths and weaknesses of your team members lie? 

The Kameleons Leadership Challenge tests the skills of your team and team leadership through problem-solving, team-building and communication challenges that bring the skills and quality of your team to the fore. Insightful debriefs throughout the day ensure the success and further development of your team.


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“Michael is an exceptional facilitator who manages to engage trainees entirely and work through subject matter efficiently while seeing results. His personality is friendly and approachable, allowing trainees to feel comfortable and supported in the learning environment, which ultimately maximizes their learning.”

Cate Hambling

Cert. IV in TAA

'Michael is an extremely personable trainer who tailored the training content to deliver desired outcomes whilst reflecting the varied experience of participants. He was always punctual and respectful of the particpants knowledge base, and extremely supportive in the assessment process. I cannot speak highly enough of the training he delivered - from content to delivery - and would happily recommend his training to anyone.'

Lauren Thomas

Cert. IV in TAA

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