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Maximising Team Potential

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"Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare."

Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Teamwork doesn't just happen. A successful team requires commitment, hard work, openness and honesty. In this regard, the skills that are present in a successful team are not dissimilar to those required for a successful relationship. In both, the expectations, desires and needs of the members will change over time due to increased knowledge, experience and changing circumstances. Successful team have the skills to adapt to these changing circumstances and continue to flourish.

Maximising Team Potential is a powerful two-day workshop based on the best-selling book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ by Patrick Lencioni. The workshop focusses on overcoming teamwork inhibitors and working towards sustainable team cohesiveness. Thousands of articles and books have been written on building an effective team, and the skills required to lead one. With each theory, idea or concept presented, one consistent theme is present.

A successful team, with its commitment, honesty, hard work and passion, will provide a lasting competitive advantage for a business. If you need your team to exceed expectations, Maximising Team Potential will provide you with the skills, knowledge and most importantly, the lasting behaviours to develop and maintain a successful team.

This workshop explores:

Are we are team or are we a group of individuals?

  • Working with individual differences 
  • Preventing Underachievement 
  • Understanding and overcoming the 5 dysfunctions:
    • Absence of Trust
    • Fear of Conflict 
    • Lack of Commitment 
    • Avoidance of Accountability 
    • Inattention of Result 
  • Honestly appraise the team’s strengths and areas for development 
  • Focusing on priorities by clarifying the areas that require the greatest attention
  • Map a process for future team development

Suitable for: Established teams facing major new challenges; such as a change of team members, leadership or strategy direction. It has also been successfully implemented by teams facing crisis, internal turmoil or seeking to further challenge behaviours for superior team performance.

Duration: 2 days

Booking: To book your team, Managers or workplace on the challenging Maximising Team Potential workshop, call our helpful and experienced staff on 0409 627 270 or click on the link below.


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'Michael is an extremely personable trainer who tailored the training content to deliver desired outcomes whilst reflecting the varied experience of participants. He was always punctual and respectful of the particpants knowledge base, and extremely supportive in the assessment process. I cannot speak highly enough of the training he delivered - from content to delivery - and would happily recommend his training to anyone.'

Lauren Thomas

Cert. IV in TAA

“Michael is an exceptional facilitator who manages to engage trainees entirely and work through subject matter efficiently while seeing results. His personality is friendly and approachable, allowing trainees to feel comfortable and supported in the learning environment, which ultimately maximizes their learning.”

Cate Hambling

Cert. IV in TAA

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