Individual and Executive Leadership Coaching

Developing Leadership Skills and Behaviours 1-on-1

Why have a leadership coach? Name a high performing sports star, athlete, singer, dancer or artist that didn’t have a coach?

Listen - A Leadership Coach is a listener first and foremost.

We know that it can be lonely at the top - you can feel unable to share your thoughts, doubts or stresses without feeling judged. A leadership coach can provide confidential counsel for leaders to open up and discuss the areas you struggle with; the doubts, the fears, the negative thoughts. We work with you to navigate a path out of doubt to self-assurance, and provide tried and tested practical tools to assist when the going gets hard. Of course we offer much more, but it starts with listening and understanding.

Altitude - A Leadership Coach Will Identify What is Lifting You Up and Dragging You Down

Every leader -whether they are a small business owner, CEO, supervisor or manager can benefit greatly from having a Kameleons  Executive Leadership Coach.  To consistently get the best out of others and produces improved results, high-performing leaders work with those that can get the best out of them, provide alternatives and hold them to their targets. 

Aware - A Leadership Coach will work with you to understand yourself and the individuals in your team

A vibrant and positive work culture don’t happen by accident - they are developed day by day through consistent behaviour and leadership practice over time. Low leader engagement leads to dissatisfaction, low retention, productivity and poor performance. As a leader or business owner, part of your role is to ensure that your people stay engaged and happy, so that they and the business can perform at the optimal level. A happy, healthy and engaged team produces consistently high results, even through adversity. This is achieved more readily and more often when the leader is aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and understands and adapts to the strengths and weaknesses of their team members.

Align - A Leadership Coach will guide you back on track when you have drifted

Great leaders understand their purpose and can visualise and articulate a vision of the future that can inspire others – their friends, their peers, and those that work for them – to work together in producing results that bring that vision to life. A leadership coach can work with you to identify and develop your purpose, advise when your behaviours or that of your team have drifted from your purpose, and assist in communication the individual, team and business behaviours that align with your purpose. 

Achieve - A Leadership Coach will encourage you in the right direction, push you when you need it, and cheer you through success 

Everyone has moments when they doubt their purpose, their ability, their drive and their results. A leadership coach is your most unreasonable friend - who encourages you and cheers you on when you need it, and provides a helping hand or push when you are just about to give up. Importantly, a Leadership Coach can provide options, ideas and examples of how you can achieve more, and be more efficient and effective in what you are doing. We can work with you to explore alternatives and options you hadn’t thought of, or didn’t feel you had the confidence or expertise to implement.  

Adapt - A Leadership Coach will assist you to pivot in new environments

Leadership is a growth activity; you are always learning and always adapting your skills to new teams, new staff members, and new situations, challenges and environments. A Leadership Coach helps you identify the 'portable' skills and strengths you possess, and work with you to adapt your skill set to new and challenging environments.

A Leadership Coach will cheer you on following the little wins and challenge you to do more.

Leading a business to achieve a goal takes thousands of little tasks and interactions with your team, customers and providers. It can be easy to forget what you have done, how far you have come and what impact you have made. A leadership coach celebrates the little wins with you, and encourages you to stay on the path for achieving your goals.


  • 'Following the coaching I'm now more confident with running the business and knowing I'm fulfilling all aspects of my role.  The outcomes from the coaching work has increased the whole teams confidence and improved their interactions with one another too. As an example, we now inoculate a person in our team to make sure they are are ready for a difficult conversation - its efficient and has a known outcome: to lift the team. One specific thing I liked was the AIR/BLEEDS model - everyone can be above and below the line at times but this is a fantastic model to hear and catch yourself being below the line. This realisation is the key to changing your approach and owning your responsibilities.'

    John Ratten

    Chief Executive Officer

    4 Legs Petfood and Rawbone Petfood

  • 'Leadership coaching with Michael Peiniger has helped me more than I thought it would, I wasn't sure what to expect but his coaching brought out the leader who was always in me, but perhaps was a little afraid. Michael has taught me to be assertive, organised and efficient, he also guided me to be more open with my team which sometimes means being vulnerable which is a strength I never recognised.  I could list the different models which helped me (which are many) or what I now do differently every day, instead, I just urge you to let Michael into your office and chaotic mind, because being a leader is difficult but Michael will help you tidy it up, sort it out and lead your team to achieve your organisations goals.'

    Francesca MacPherson

    General Manager

    CIC Higher Education

  • 'It was a great journey going through the Executive Leadership coaching with Michael. I was able to explore a lot of new ideas and look at situations from a new perspective. The most important lesson for me was “Don’t assume”. Differences arise because we assume rather than ask questions and Michael helped me recognise all the different ways we assume instead of getting curious and asking questions.'

    Annie Vassil

    Campus Manager and Program Coordinator

    Southern Cross University

  • Michael and I worked together for approximately four months. Over that time I found Michael to be very flexible to what my existing needs were and could mould the course content to be relevant to what was happening that week or at that time. Michael was able to provide on the spot advice that made the course content applicable to real situations and therefore more meaningful. I found the IDESC method very helpful and continue to use this in difficult conversations.

    Omar Hammam

    Sales Director and Owner

  • 'Michael’s improvement on myself as a person and a leader has been an absolute blessing. He has focussed on my weaknesses and is constantly improving them to ensure my work ethic and integrity align with my visions.'

    Steve Papa

    Managing Director


  • 'Michael coached me in techniques which changed my behavioural approach in the workplace, which further improved the quality of my relationships. He once asked me about my dream job, and what I was doing to make it happen. Well, six months later following my coaching, I was there, in that job, making things happen! Do not underestimate the value a good coach can have on your life. Call Michael, make it happen.'

    Fabian Coulter-Schultz


    OTIS Elevator Company

  • 'It is rare and a privilege to sit with and learn from an individual like Michael. Not only is Michael's content practical and real but the manner in which he presents leaves you understanding not simply knowing - there's a tangible difference in his work. The learning actually does impact you, your team and how you/we communicate. The workplace is not always rivers of chocolate and rainbows and Michael helps de-mystify this courageously but practically.'

    Keiran Toohey

    Case Manager

    Mates in Construction

  • 'Michael's coaching has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. His ability to encourage deeper thought processes has resulted in a more holistic approach to how I manage a variety of situations. The coaching and practical exercises have developed my confidence and ability to face challenging situations.
    This has been a valuable investment with both my employer and family seeing the benefits. Highly recommended.'

    Amanda Child

    Executive Assistant

    Department of Justice & Regulation

  • 'Few people have the opportunity to be guided and inspired by Michael but I have been one of those fortunate to experience the focus, generosity and compassion of his coaching support over the last 6 months. I am in awe of his ability to strike the right chord in his feedback from the Integrity and Values profile and leave me confidently and positively able to run with it afterwards. I just wish I had met him earlier in my career!'

    Marianne Matin

    General Manager, Capability & Change

  • 'I worked with Michael Peiniger as he helped me to confront some career challenges I was then facing. He stretched my thinking, was kind and considerate, and he really made me work hard! In the end, I have been able to move to that next stage in my career, and I am so grateful for his sage advice at the time and pragmatic approach. I would recommend Michael to anyone who asked me - he is a great mentor!'

    Robyn Goodwill


  • 'Our firm has engaged Michael to complete a number of executive coaching engagements with our senior team, and will continue to do so in future. Michael has a deep understanding of human behaviour and how it can impact the performance of a business. Michael is able to deliver feedback in a direct but respectful way, which helps to create a high level of engagement with those he works with.'

    Matt Bourke

    Managing Director

    Bourke Group

  • 'Michael worked with me as my Executive coach for nearly 2 years. When starting the process, Michael and I worked through what I was seeking from coaching, which we regularly reviewed to ensure that we remained on track. I felt through the 2 years I learnt more about myself and my capacity to work in my role and what aspects of the role really mattered to me. When I come up against new challenges I return to my coaching lessons and utilise the tools that Michael provided. The lessons I learnt are life-long and I believe have made me a better Manager and person.'

    Tony Cooper

    General Manager, Corporate Services

    Department of Justice & Regulation

  • 'Michael has provided valuable insights into management behaviour and roles within our organization - and into our individual approaches to everything that our work throws at us.
    Michael is someone who can assist you in getting the best out of your leadership team, and making the changes needed to be made clearly understood.'

    Stuart Smith


    Fiscal Artisans

  • 'Few people have the opportunity to be guided and inspired by Michael but I have been one of those fortunate to experience the focus, generosity and compassion of his coaching support over the last 6 months. I am in awe of his ability to strike the right chord in his feedback and leave me confidently and positively able to run with it afterwards. I just wish I had met him earlier in my career!'

    Marianne Matin

    General Manager, Capability & Change

    Public Transport Victoria

  • 'I admit I started on the path of coaching with a healthy dose of scepticism, which I suspect is not unlike many others before me. However, I happily confess this was misplaced. Working with Michael over the last 4 months or so has been both a pleasurable and valuable experience. Michael was able to look through some of the symptoms and help me identify and start to address some of the causes of hurdles in my path to greater satisfaction in my work place. At the same time the improved clarity has helped me understand myself and a number of my outside-of-work relationships.'

    David Robinson

    Theme Leader – Advanced Processing Technology


  • 'Michael Peiniger provided executive coaching utilising the latest behavioural and leadership development methodologies which improved our leadership impact within CSIRO's Mineral capability area. We had the pleasure of working with a coach who truly understands our strategic and operational drivers as well as how to unlock potential in our employees in a time of great change. I would highly recommend Michael for coaching and learning interventions.'

    Paras Georgoulos

    National Human Resources Manager


  • 'Michael's coaching methods were easy to follow, engaging, fun and he also made availabilty outside class hours for additional help that was needed. 

    I would recommend Michael's services to any organisation.'

    Andrena Rologas

    Sales Manager


Individual and Executive Leadership Coaching

Your Targetted Leadership Behaviours Program

Each Executive leadership Coaching program is tailored specifically for each leader, often following on from a Leadership Performance Profile and debrief session.

Each leader completes their own ELC Coaching Outcomes, setting clear expectations for what they want to achieve for themselves, their team and their business. Coaching sessions are them structured to meet and exceed these expectations - taking into account each leaders strengths and areas of development.

While each coaching session and program is tailored and times to meet the needs of the individual, the coaching program contains more than 100 specifically designed coaching modules that can be drawn upon at any time. The coaching modules reflect the Kameleons Leadership model and relate the the 5 core leadership functions below:


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