Kameleons Leadership Framework

The base for all of our leadership programs, workshops and executive leadership coaching.

Our leadership framework provides the base for all of our leadership programs and executive leadership coaching. We have utilised a number of sources blended together

  • our own experience - the wins, the hacks, the shortcuts and the learning from our mistakes,
  • recent articles
  • research (ours and others) into leadership and high-performing teams, and
  • timeless models from the likes of John Adair, Patrick Lencioni, Stephen Covey and Simon Sinek (and many others)

We believe this blend of ideas and frameworks helps to develop leaders to build high-performing teams that deliver improved business outcomes. The Kameleons leadership framework revolves around 5 distinct leadership capabilities:

Purpose and Values

The power plant for any leader is their core values (both individual and business). They underpin behaviour and provide the drive, grit, resilience and vision for the leader to stay the course. A leaders purpose and related values provide guidance for both the leader and the team that works for them.

Team Altitude

Like the wings of an aircraft, your team provides you with the lift in your business to fly higher and achieve more. The ability to communicate effectively, provide timely and construction feedback, activity listen and whilst maintaining accountability ensure the team reaches its optimal performance.

Task Management

How well do you manage the task at hand? To execute their flight plan and stay on track, all leaders need to understand, maintain and adjust their flight plan. Responsible, organised, creative, task-focussed, reliable & problem-solving leaders achieve results for themselves and their team.

Managing Self

'Before you leader others, you must lead yourself'. No aircraft can fly high without the support of a solid ground crew. Similarly, no team can fly high without all the individuals in the team being engaged, aware of their own behaviours, assertive in their actions, firm in their self-belief and having clarity of their environment.

Adaptive Leadership Qualities

Highly effective leaders know how to adapt their own leadership qualities and skills to their team, their management, their purpose and their business environment. One size or style does not fit all situations. The ability of the leader to anticipate, train, coach and adapt is crucial to business success.

  • During the 12 months that I worked with Michael I found him to be an extremely effective Leadership Coach and would highly recommend him. Through safe and thought provoking sessions, Michael demonstrated a unique ability to accurately hone in on areas we needed to develop. Michael’s insightful coaching, together with an array of practical tools such as the ‘inoculation’ have enabled me to become a more balanced leader.

    Sean Corby

    Regional Executive Manager - NSW & ACT, National After Sales Manager

    Scania Australia

  • Having been involved in Michael's leadership program for the past 11 months, it has given me the tools to engage my team for better outcomes, adopt new skills into my personal and professional life, learn to self-reflect and understand how I work best and to better engage colleagues. He is interested in you and challenges you to be open to new ideas and ways to look at things. He also keeps you in line when you need it. He is honest and engaging and I really enjoyed the program.

    Marina Mildenhall

    Head of Procurement & Contract Governance

    Marie Stopes International

  • I highly recommend the Kameleon's leadership program. This program helped me rediscover what I am passionate about and my tolerances. Michael's uncanny ability to know how to challenge you as a leader just when you need it positively changed my worldview.

    Sarah Gafforini

    Head of Strategy, Population and Global Health

    Marie Stopes Australia

  • Making the transition from a clinical background to the corporate world was full of challenged. As a nurse learning to navigate the world of business I was looking for advice and guidance in order to succeed in the new environment.  
    Through one on one leadership mentoring and coaching combined with facilitated group leadership coaching, Michael enabled me to develop the tools and skills to succeed in the corporate environment. Michael has enabled me to develop my analytical and business navigation skills and how to manage a variety of diverse situations and people while encouraging lateral thinking.
    Through the group workshops Michael is able to engage his audience and bring out the strongest qualities, facilitating productive conversations in a safe space while challenging the status quo. I highly recommend and thank Michael for the time he spent developing my own leadership skills.

    Warren Fowler

    Manager, National Operations & Clinical Resourcing

    Marie Stopes Australia

  • Michael facilitated a leadership and values program over a 12 month period at my organisation, which I had the pleasure of attending. I found Michael to be engaging and effective in delivering powerful lessons to our group - senior managers from different departments across our organisation. 
    Upon completion of the course I was able to take several key learnings, new strategies and communication tools from the course that I still utilise in my day-to-day management of my team. I learnt how to be more assertive whilst engaging with my team, and how to connect with people on a better level to ensure buy-in and loyalty.  
    Michael’s facilitation style allowed for honest, open and powerful conversations amongst our group, often taking people out of their comfort zone to gain a deeper understanding of what drives their own behaviours and thoughts. I rate Michael 10/10 for his facilitation style and would recommend Michael's skills and teachings to any organisation looking to build on their current leadership base.

    Ben Nicholson

    National Parts, Logistics and Inventory Manager

    Scania Australia

  • 'Following the coaching I'm now more confident with running the business and knowing I'm fulfilling all aspects of my role.  The outcomes from the coaching work has increased the whole teams confidence and improved their interactions with one another too. As an example, we now inoculate a person in our team to make sure they are are ready for a difficult conversation - its efficient and has a known outcome: to lift the team. One specific thing I liked was the OAR/BED model - everyone can be above and below the line at times but this is a fantastic model to hear and catch yourself being below the line. This realisation is the key to changing your approach and owning your responsibilities.'

    John Ratten

    Chief Executive Officer

    4 Legs Petfood and Rawbone Petfood

  • 'Leadership coaching with Michael Peiniger has helped me more than I thought it would, I wasn't sure what to expect but his coaching brought out the leader who was always in me, but perhaps was a little afraid. Michael has taught me to be assertive, organised and efficient, he also guided me to be more open with my team which sometimes means being vulnerable which is a strength I never recognised.  I could list the different models which helped me (which are many) or what I now do differently every day, instead, I just urge you to let Michael into your office and chaotic mind, because being a leader is difficult but Michael will help you tidy it up, sort it out and lead your team to achieve your organisations goals.'

    Francesca MacPherson

    General Manager

    CIC Higher Education

  • 'Michael led a leadership and culture program within my organisation throughout 2017. He was very relatable and effective with our group of leaders, who were each from diverse backgrounds and professions. Michael’s facilitation style unified the group and broke down any actual or perceived barriers. Personally, Michael gave me the confidence to share my vulnerabilities and learn and grow from them. He taught me to share my stories with people to enable a genuine learning experience. I would highly recommend Michael to any organisation who is looking to create a culture of integrity, accountability and transparency.'

    Christina Benson

    HR Manager - Coleman Brands, Pure Fishing and NUK

  • 'It was a great journey going through the Executive Leadership coaching with Michael. I was able to explore a lot of new ideas and look at situations from a new perspective. The most important lesson for me was “Don’t assume”. Differences arise because we assume rather than ask questions and Michael helped me recognise all the different ways we assume instead of getting curious and asking questions.'

    Annie Vassil

    Campus Manager and Program Coordinator

    Southern Cross University

  • Michael and I worked together for approximately four months. Over that time I found Michael to be very flexible to what my existing needs were and could mould the course content to be relevant to what was happening that week or at that time. Michael was able to provide on the spot advice that made the course content applicable to real situations and therefore more meaningful. I found the IDESC method very helpful and continue to use this in difficult conversations.

    Omar Hammam

    Sales Director and Owner

  • 'Michael has been a great consultant for our business. He always delivers strong results and builds valuable relationships along the way.'

    Andrea Renwick


    Swinburne University

  • 'I initially worked with Michael during my time with Swinburne University on a number of corporate learning programs. Michael developed and facilitated numerous leadership and change management programs for Swinburne clients and without exception delivered outstanding results.When it came time for me to upgrade my training and assessment qualifications I had no hesitation in engaging Michael as the facilitator/assessor as I knew he was/is among the very best. He did not let me down and I enjoyed learning from him immensely.Michael has an excellent facilitation style and is able to engage and inspire his audience with ease. He combines his sound theoretical knowledge and expertise with a relaxed manner and an entertaining sense of humour.'

    Nicholas Oddy

    Associate - Swinburne University

  • 'Michael’s improvement on myself as a person and a leader has been an absolute blessing. He has focussed on my weaknesses and is constantly improving them to ensure my work ethic and integrity align with my visions.'

    Steve Papa

    Managing Director


  • 'Michael coached me in techniques which changed my behavioural approach in the workplace, which further improved the quality of my relationships. He once asked me about my dream job, and what I was doing to make it happen. Well, six months later following my coaching, I was there, in that job, making things happen! Do not underestimate the value a good coach can have on your life. Call Michael, make it happen.'

    Fabian Coulter-Schultz


    OTIS Elevator Company

  • 'Michael is masterful at leading teams to higher levels of performance. He creates a safe space as a facilitator, a skill not all can do well. This enables the learning where participants are inspired to step up to a new level. I have seen Michael in this space and can testify to the success he has in this area. When people are engaged and having fun, they are learning. He gets results!'

    Helen Robinett

    HR Consulting

  • 'It is rare and a privilege to sit with and learn from an individual like Michael. Not only is Michael's content practical and real but the manner in which he presents leaves you understanding not simply knowing - there's a tangible difference in his work. The learning actually does impact you, your team and how you/we communicate. The workplace is not always rivers of chocolate and rainbows and Michael helps de-mystify this courageously but practically.'

    Keiran Toohey

    Case Manager

    Mates in Construction

  • 'Michael is a highly effective leadership facilitator and coach. I have had the pleasure of working with Michael on a number of programs and he has always been professional and committed and the impact he has on leaders goes well beyond the agreed content. His success lies in his ability to deeply understand people and his commitment and dedication to developing leaders to achieve success both in their businesses and also in their lives.'

    Tori Paterson

    Program Manager


  • 'Michael ran a two-day session on how to train others. His course provided a good balance of an overview approach to training and specific tips and resources. He delivered the course to people from a variety of areas within the company but managed to ensure it was useful to everyone. Very worthwhile doing for anyone looking to develop their training skill set.'

    Daniel Corbett


    Lonely Planet

  • 'Michael is someone who can make learning fun and yet very effective. He walks the talk. The training manual isjust a reference to me, but my learning comes mostly from what he said and practiced in the session. His action and behaviours in the class reflect exactly what he preached in the programme. The activities done in the programme are all relevant to the topic and it makes the topic easy to remember and apply back at the workplace. He is such a great facilitator and he inspired me a lot! My learning experience in the programme is so much different from other programmes that I have ever attended before.'

    Suhaila Zainol

    Manager & Trainer


  • 'Michael recently helped me undertake the completion of a Leadership Performance Profile. This was a really useful exercise, and gave me some really great insights into the type of manager and person I am, versus what I always thought I was! As someone starting my own business, this insight will be critical to my future success.Michael's relaxed style as he took me through the process made for an enjoyable experience, while highlighting my strengths and those areas I need to focus on to improve my performance.'

    Lyn Shalless


    Ark Risk Consulting

  • 'Michael's coaching has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. His ability to encourage deeper thought processes has resulted in a more holistic approach to how I manage a variety of situations. The coaching and practical exercises have developed my confidence and ability to face challenging situations.
    This has been a valuable investment with both my employer and family seeing the benefits. Highly recommended.'

    Amanda Child

    Executive Assistant

    Department of Justice & Regulation

  • 'Michael facilitated the Diploma of Management for a group of managers at Sensis. He was a very engaging facilitator, and was incredibly creative with his activities and delivery style. He had a sound knowledge of management and frequently used incidents that had happened to him to bring life to the training. He always encouraged discussion and was great at summarising the group's responses. I really enjoyed Michael's sessions and would highly recommend him as a trainer.'

    Julia Zumpo

    National Learning & Organisational Development Manager

  • 'I have known Michael in a professional capacity during which time he personally delivered professional training services to the REA Group over a period of a year. He delivered his sessions to the highest standard, has been reliable, professional and provides out of the box methods. He also offered one-on-one support after hours.I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to lead and facilitate training sessions.'

    Adele Wapnick Farmer

    Major Accounts Manager

    REA Group

  • 'Michael worked with us at realestate.com.au facilitating Management Development programs for our managers and team leaders. He is a great facilitator and highly competent in the core management disciplines.'

    Roxanne Addley

    Organisational Development Manager

    REA Group

  • 'Michael was a burst of energy and enthusiasm from the get go. His dedication and passion for his work was extremely refreshing along with his natural ability to foster cross level engagement of the highest standard. I have no hesitation in recommending him and would hire him again.'

    Brendan Dowling

    Advertising Operations Manager

    REA Group

  • 'Michael did an excellent job as a facilitator for Training and Assessment program. His expertise in the subject matter and experience as a facilitator enable him to deliver the course in a different way. I love his work with Mr.Sketch. Lastly, his pleasant personality makes everybody enjoy the 15 days course.'

    Hapidah Mohamad

    Training Director


  • 'Few people have the opportunity to be guided and inspired by Michael but I have been one of those fortunate to experience the focus, generosity and compassion of his coaching support over the last 6 months. I am in awe of his ability to strike the right chord in his feedback from the Integrity and Values profile and leave me confidently and positively able to run with it afterwards. I just wish I had met him earlier in my career!'

    Marianne Matin

    General Manager, Capability & Change

  • 'Michael's approach to training is fantastic. He built trust well and got the group talking about particular aspects of the course to help enhance our learning. Whilst we had to get through a lot of information Michael helped us understand what the key takeaways were and let us drive the review sessions for any concepts that may have overwhelmed us with the abridged course.Very friendly and approachable and despite the volume of information Michael made the course fun.'

    Andrew King


  • 'We spent six days in training with Michael, he was receptive to our requirements and exceeded my expectations. His work and methods plus his experience all culminated in excellent end results for all involved. Happy to recommend him as a trainer.'

    Mark Kennedy


  • 'Michael's professional approach and experience regarding training has allowed him to be selected to deliver the Diploma of Management, and leadership modules, to 21 of our employees.Michael is able to deliver the training topic(s) whilst relating to the individual's experiences. This approach has allowed the participants of the course to achieve the most out of their training. (A truly remarkable skill). It also brings out an enthusiasm within the participants that I have not seen.'

    Barry Tomlin

    Operations Training Manager


  • 'There are many leadership programmes out there, but Kameleons is a cut above the rest. Previous programmes I've been involved with simply discuss your strengths and weaknesses, but don't really give you anything to build on. Michael shares information on your strengths and weaknesses with you, but also discusses how your traits interact with each other. Under his coaching, I've become more aware of my behaviours both personally and professionally, which has resulted in my being better able to handle problems when they arise. I highly recommend Kameleons to any business or team leader who wants to learn how to build a strong, resilient, high functioning team.'

    Christine Tan

    Marie Stopes Australia

  • 'Recently my organisation engaged Michael Peiniger to run a Performance Management Essentials course. I have completed a number of these courses in my time and found this course to be one of the best. Michael’s facilitation style was professional, yet relaxed, and as a result put our staff at ease. Michael created a great learning and networking environment. I do not hesitate in recommending Michael Peiniger as a course facilitator.'

    Craig Honey

    Operations Management

  • 'Michael has provided team building and personal development training on two occasions for our organisation. The content and presentation of the training was targeted at the appropriate level for the group and Michael was therefore able to engage their participation. The training certainly made everyone more aware of their areas for improvement and I believe provided a positive team building outcome through a better understanding. I believe this training was a worthwhile commitment.'

    Chris Anderson

    Site Security Manager

  • 'I worked with Michael Peiniger as he helped me to confront some career challenges I was then facing. He stretched my thinking, was kind and considerate, and he really made me work hard! In the end, I have been able to move to that next stage in my career, and I am so grateful for his sage advice at the time and pragmatic approach. I would recommend Michael to anyone who asked me - he is a great mentor!'

    Robyn Goodwill


  • 'We all hear many words of wisdom through peers and academia explaining why it's a good idea to use performance management but this was the first time anybody had offered me effective, practical advice on how to apply it. I found Michael's style to be direct and informal, using practical language backed up with minimal theoretical frameworks. The role plays with actors were high impact and a great twist on an old topic. Highly recommended.'

    Chris McKee

    Technical Development Manager

  • 'Michael delivered a 2-day Performance Management program to our senior managers. He designed the course specifically to ensure the course would suit his target audience and was aligned to our organisation’s current practices. The feedback received was very positive and having attended the program myself, I found the course to be practical and invaluable. Michael is an experienced facilitator with an engaging communication style. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael; his courses have been comprehensive and practical, while focusing on key outcomes.'

    Dixie Villaneuva

    HR Manager

  • 'Michael is an energetic and passionate facillitator. He successfully condensed a 12-day program into a 6 day abridged series of workshops without "rushing". His knowledge of what works when facilitating and what doesn’t was great. I'll definitely use some of the "tricks" I was shown.'

    Gianna Sammut

    Team Leader


  • ‘We spent six days in training with Michael - he was receptive to our requirements and exceeded my expectations. His work, methods and his experience all culminated in excellent end results for all involved. Happy to recommend him as a facilitator.’

    Mark Kennedy

    Senior Manager


  • ‘Michael is an experienced and much valued leadership and management facilitator, who over the time of our association has delivered many workshops nationally and internationally. He has a tremendous warmth and connection with people which transcends across all levels of business and is very keen to support individuals through their learning journey, whether it be with individual coaching, the creation of “learning communities” or structured workshop delivery.’

    Larry Gould


  • 'Michael and I were able to identify some key areas of weakness that I was then able to address with a clear action plan and achievable targets. Michael is professional, easy to work with and interested in his client's success. I would recommend him to anyone that could benefit from greater self-awareness and an objective review of their career goals.'

    James Harper


    Brooking Harper

  • 'Our firm has engaged Michael to complete a number of executive coaching engagements with our senior team, and will continue to do so in future. Michael has a deep understanding of human behaviour and how it can impact the performance of a business. Michael is able to deliver feedback in a direct but respectful way, which helps to create a high level of engagement with those he works with.'

    Matt Bourke

    Managing Director

    Bourke Group

  • 'Michael is one of the best teacher-facilitators I have seen. He created an energetic and open learning environment that made it a joy to participate. Highly recommended!'

    Israel Keys


    Bloom Solutions

  • 'Michael worked with me as my Executive coach for nearly 2 years. When starting the process, Michael and I worked through what I was seeking from coaching, which we regularly reviewed to ensure that we remained on track. I felt through the 2 years I learnt more about myself and my capacity to work in my role and what aspects of the role really mattered to me. When I come up against new challenges I return to my coaching lessons and utilise the tools that Michael provided. The lessons I learnt are life-long and I believe have made me a better Manager and person.'

    Tony Cooper

    General Manager, Corporate Services

    Department of Justice & Regulation

  • 'Michael has provided valuable insights into management behaviour and roles within our organization - and into our individual approaches to everything that our work throws at us.
    Michael is someone who can assist you in getting the best out of your leadership team, and making the changes needed to be made clearly understood.'

    Stuart Smith


    Fiscal Artisans

  • 'I use Kameleons for a Train the Trainer course and have done so for many years now at Lonely Planet. I find Michael great to work with and I receive wonderful reviews about the work that he does with our teams . His courses are always engaging, thought-provoking and above all memorable.'

    Sue Stone

    Organizational Development Manager

    Lonely Planet

  • 'Michael's sessions were the most enjoyable and compelling learning experiences I have had the pleasure to participate in. So much useful knowledge and experience freely shared and imparted, and gladly digested!'

    Jason Brindisi

    Managing Director

    Wise Engineering

  • 'I went into the first session with Michael with some scepticism, but was blown away by the depth of the analysis and power of the conversation that followed. I would highly recommend a coaching session - even if you think you know everything about yourself.'

    Tim Collett

    Managing Director

    Specialised Events

  • 'Few people have the opportunity to be guided and inspired by Michael but I have been one of those fortunate to experience the focus, generosity and compassion of his coaching support over the last 6 months. I am in awe of his ability to strike the right chord in his feedback and leave me confidently and positively able to run with it afterwards. I just wish I had met him earlier in my career!'

    Marianne Matin

    General Manager, Capability & Change

    Public Transport Victoria

  • 'I admit I started on the path of coaching with a healthy dose of scepticism, which I suspect is not unlike many others before me. However, I happily confess this was misplaced. Working with Michael over the last 4 months or so has been both a pleasurable and valuable experience. Michael was able to look through some of the symptoms and help me identify and start to address some of the causes of hurdles in my path to greater satisfaction in my work place. At the same time the improved clarity has helped me understand myself and a number of my outside-of-work relationships.'

    David Robinson

    Theme Leader – Advanced Processing Technology


  • 'Michael Peiniger provided executive coaching utilising the latest behavioural and leadership development methodologies which improved our leadership impact within CSIRO's Mineral capability area. We had the pleasure of working with a coach who truly understands our strategic and operational drivers as well as how to unlock potential in our employees in a time of great change. I would highly recommend Michael for coaching and learning interventions.'

    Paras Georgoulos

    National Human Resources Manager





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