We are a group of dedicated and experienced leaders who coach, facilitate and develop practical leadership skills for individuals and businesses.

Since establishing Kameleons - Developing Leaders in 2005, we have ensured that all the Kameleons facilitators can walk their own talk ie. their leadership expertise has been forged through time (in multiple industries), experience (both good and bad), mistakes , reflection and learning - not just from a book or program. In seeking to develop leaders who set high standards and walk their own talk, we set the bar as high for ourselves.


Are responsible and respected leaders in their own right

Have lead high performing teams for clearly demonstrated results

Have run their own businesses and managed their own staff, and

Well led teams outperform poorly led teams

Well led businesses outperform poorly led businesses

Our Leadership Philisophy

    • Leadership skill can be learned and developed,
    • Leaders drive the culture of a business and are held accountable for doing so,
    • Both good and poor leadership behaviour starts at the top,
    • Well led teams outperform poorly led teams, and
    • Well led businesses outperform poorly led businesses.
    • A strong, effective leader with a clear purpose and values and a fully engaged team, will achieve greater profitability and prosperity. These leaders multiply the benefits that can be achieved for the business and the individuals in it.
    • Business cultures are the sum of individual behaviours over time, which can be impacted upon and positively influenced by good leadership.
    • Establishing a business takes passion, grit, skill and hard work. In addition, maintaining and building a successful business takes a high performing team with a clear direction, a clear purpose and honest, robust conversations.
    • Our proven strategies, skills and techniques can be applied to almost any industry to assist leaders in aligning their team, ensuring responsible and reliable results whilst creating positive cultures.

    Most businesses only focus on the first 3 stages of business performance / improvement:

    1. Improve / focus on plant & product delivery

    2. Improve / focus on financial and logistics management

    3. Improve / focus on process efficiency and wast

    What is often overlooked?

    4. Improve / focus on people efficiency and team performance.

    More often than not business performance comes back to the optimal behaviour of your people (how efficiently they work together) executing on a  clear purpose.


    Kameleons is successful in developing leaders because we focus on developing practical and effective leadership behaviours as well as leadership theory and knowledge.

    Our collective backgrounds have taught us that leadership models, theories and ideas are only as good as the their applications - if they are not, or cannot be used by a leader, then they are worthless.

    We focus on practical ideas and solutions that can easily implemented by leaders for their teams to have an impact on results.


We take ownership for our results and responsibility for our actions.

What this means for you:

We seek to achieve tangible, agreed business outcomes when starting any coaching, training or workshop engagement. We will be your most unreasonable friend and hold us, you and your team accountable to achieving results.

We provide leadership solutions on task, on time and on budget.

What this means for you:

We ensure that each leader and leadership team achieves tangible results that positively impact their business. We will not over promise nor under deliver. We access an extensive network of leadership facilitators, coaches, trainers and mentors and will recommend others when we are not a best fit.

We are lifelong leadership learners.

What this means for you:

We use a wide variety of tools, techniques and theories to develop your leadership ability. Leaders are readers - we seek to keep our knowledge and experience current across a wide variety of industries. We recognise and acknowledge our use of expert sources outside Kameleons and are honest and forthright when we don't know an answer.

We focus on how, why, when and where rather than what.

What this means for you:

We do not teach theory or models for theory or models sake. We stand by what we facilitate and coach and can explain how they are used (and how we have used it), when they should be applied, who it works with and when it has worked / not worked for us.

We recognise our strengths, understand our limitations and adapt to our environment.

What this means for you:

Like the chameleon itself, we adapt our leadership solutions to the environment in which you work, including the stress, pressure, size and culture of your business. We recognise that that our solutions are not universal and our staff and training will not suit every business or leader. One size does not fit all.

About Kameleons

We develop leaders that build high performing teams to deliver improved business outcomes.
We refine leadership skills and behaviours for optimal people performance.
We utilise individual strengths and addressing skill deficiencies to meet and exceed personal and business expectations.

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